In Person Class Policies:

  • Plan to arrive a few minutes before your class starts, but no more than 5 minutes.  Most classes are taught back to back and if you arrive too early, it slightly disrupts the other student’s session.  If you’re running late, please text (do not call) and provide an update on your ETA.  If you are late to class, your session will still end at the scheduled time.  

  • Consistent tardiness is not tolerated.  Being late once or twice is ok but if there is a consistent pattern of tardiness, this will need to be addressed.  I reserve the right to dismiss any student who is unwilling or unable to abide by habitual timeliness.  


  • All students age 16 and under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian throughout the entire duration of the class. Parents of students 10 and under must be an active participant in the class and acting as the life coach.  (Read Three Legged Stool Structure)


  • All electronic devices must be in silent mode throughout the duration of the class.  If a parent/guardian must take an urgent call, please step outside.  The parent/guardian must not take more than 10 minutes to take a call as they are required to be present in the class with their child.  


  • Food, chewing gum, candy, and beverages (except bottled water) are not allowed during lessons.


  • Please be advised that I have 2 cats!!!  One is very shy and one is outgoing and might jump on you!  But no worries, both will be kept inside the room so interactions with them will be minimal to none at all.   

  • All students must bring a notebook (specifically for the piano lessons) and a pen.

  • All students must come to class with their SHM (Student home materials)​.  SHM can be in digital form or hard copy.  


  • Please be advised that there is a small area on our street (closer to Burbank) that has a 2 hour parking restriction.  Other than that, the rest of the street is all day parking.  Street cleanings are on Wednesdays and Thursdays 8am - 10am.

Online Class Policies:


  • Classes are held via ZOOM.  Make sure you are accustomed to Zoom prior to your first class.  For more instructions on how to set up your virtual classroom, click here.

  • Do your best to have a good internet connection. It would affect your learning if you’re constantly trying to reconnect or wait because your screen is frozen. To test your internet speed, click here.

  • If possible use, use two devices, a computer and a tablet/smart phone. If not, either one would suffice.

  • If using two devices, only use the audio from one device as using both will result in an echo. Make sure the audio on one of the devices is completely cancelled, meaning don’t even connect it at all.  Cancelled is different from being muted.  Muting the other device will still result in an echo.  

  • Turn off all notifications/sounds on your computer/phone.

  • Try to keep the rest of your environment as quiet as possible, meaning keep other children, family members, roommates and pets in a separate room.

  • Online classes for students under the age of 10 must be supervised by a parent/guardian.

  • Please log in at least 5 minutes prior to your scheduled time so you can test your sound and settings.  Upon log in, you will be directed to a waiting room. Many times, I am finishing another class just right before you. I will let you into the meeting room at your scheduled time.

  • All students must bring a notebook (specifically for the piano lessons) and a pen.

  • All students must come to class with their SHM (Student home materials) .  SHM can be in digital form or hard copy.  

Attendance Policies:


  • To maximize success in this program, it is imperative that students attend one class/week and must be on time for the lessons.  Upon enrollment, students will be scheduled a weekly, recurring lesson time. Regular attendance at the scheduled time is a requirement.

  • If a student who is doing group lessons falls behind due to being absent, the student can catch up by:  a.) Booking a separate private session (additional costs incurred by the student) or  b.) Audit a level appropriate lesson at any time, at no extra cost. Auditing a class means that the student is simply attending as an active observer and not a participant. 

  • I do not allow or recommend monthly recurring students to miss any more than two consecutive lessons (or 2 weeks) at any given time. If a student is missing too many lessons, I will always make several attempts to communicate my expectations regarding this. I reserve the right to dismiss any student who is either unwilling or unable to abide by a consistent, regular schedule.  


  • If a student has to miss classes for an extended period of time (3 or more lessons) for whatever reason, the student can choose to discontinue lessons and re-enroll once they’re able to.  Keep in mind that                re-enrollment is subject to availability.  A student may not be able to go back into the same group they once were in upon re-enrollment or I may have a waiting list and not able to take in any more students.  If you wish to keep your place while missing the class, you can do so by continuing to pay the recurring fee.  



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