Online Lessons: What & How

There’s no need to buy anything extra to set up your online class.  You most likely already have some of the necessary equipment to start your class with me!  Read on for more guidance on what you’ll need and how to set it up.

  •  Acoustic or digital piano.  If you are using a keyboard, make sure it is one with external speakers.

  • A Laptop Computer and/or a tablet with a built-in webcam.  All brands and operating system work as long as your OS (Operating system) is updated.  Having two devices work best but one will suffice.  Smart phones are not recommended but can work just fine if that’s the only option you have.

  • High Speed Internet Connection.  If you have a slow internet connection, it’s best that no one else is using your connection during the duration of your lesson.  Check you internet connection here.  

  • Video conferencing app called ZOOM.  Zoom is free to use and you don’t even need to download the app.  You can simply click on the link that is sent to you and you can join directly without the need to download the app itself.  

  • Extras that are nice to have but you can do without: A goose neck tripod that can give you a birds eye view of the keyboard.  Or a regular tripod that can stand next to you and can give a higher side view of your hands on the keyboard.  A music stand is also helpful as you can use it to prop your laptop on.  

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