Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting a different result.  Over the last century, piano lessons have always been a very self isolating activity.  During a student's lesson, he/she is alone with their piano teacher then when they go home it’s just him/her and the piano.  There was also a huge need for lessons to be a one on one session because of the traditional method being such a multi thought process.  Meaning, the student has had to learn how to read, and have their attention on technique, and the fingering, and trying to read rhythm and notes, and have so many things being processed at one time, as well as having to deal with a new environment and a new experience. Traditionally, the only way a teacher was able to push all of that information through was in a private learning environment. Also, unfortunately, another reason is that learning privately has allowed music educators to remain ‘hidden and unquestioned’ which means their educational strategies and techniques have also remained ‘hidden and unquestioned’


Simply Music is a breakthrough not just in it’s methodology but also in it’s approach.  This method is most effectively taught in a shared-learning environment where children have the opportunity to not only learn by participation but learn profoundly at a very new level by merely watching the learning process.  Here are a few more benefits from learning in a shared environment:

  1. Students build community and friendships with each other

  2. Students develop the habit of playing the piano in front of other people

  3. Watching each other learn helps students develop strong observational skills

  4. Listening to each other play helps students develop a keen ear

  5. Students tend to love playing the piano even more because of the support from other students.

  6. Students will experience the same brilliant results that Simply Music promises to deliver

  7. A very cost effective way of approaching piano lessons as a typical private lesson can cost upwards to $80 per lesson.  


Of course there may be instances where a private lesson is absolutely needed.  We take this on a case by case basis and assess if a private lesson is truly the only way to go.  

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